Wendy’s Is Introducing New Baconator Fries
Ever since I was a teenager, when I thought of the greatest bacon sandwich on the face of the planet, my mind instantly thought Baconator from Wendy's. It appears now Wendy's wants you to have that mindset with french fries too. Starting June 29th, for a limited time Wendy's is servin…
Can an AR15 Really Cook Bacon? [Video]
Ahhh Bacon! What more needs to be said about this delicious breakfast meat? There are many ways to prepare and cook this wholesome meal. You can bake it, fry it, there is even some bacon you can microwave now. Would you believe me if I told you, you could use an AR15?
Mac And Cheese Deviled Eggs Recipe
If you're looking to combine your passion for mac and cheese, bacon, and deviled eggs...we may have a recipe for you. The genius chefs over at "The Food In My Beard" may break the internet with this recipe.

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