Woman Arrested for Blasting AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’
Epping, N.H. can no longer be described as a “sleepy little town,” mainly because nobody has been able to get to sleep thanks to Joyce Coffey. The 53-year old woman was arrested three times in one day earlier this week for blasting music, which included AC/DC‘s &lsq…
Western NY 70-Year-Old Wal-Mart Cashier Assaulted
Wal-Mart can drive anyone over the edge. It’s a huge place with lots of noise, sometimes surly employees, and always surly customers. On the other hand, Jacquetta Simmons let it get to her a little too much and she could spend seven years in jail because of it.
Florida Orgy Breaks Out into Fisticuffs
Tina Norris and James Barfield apparently don’t know the first rule of Fight Orgy. The couple from Weeki Wachee, Florida were arrested Sunday and both (yes, both) were charged with domestic battery. This was after an unplanned swingers party went awry.

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