New Smartphone App Predicts Penis Size
This recently developed app claims it can predict the size of a man’s erection with nearly the same accuracy as a crooked bookie in a horserace. Dr. Chris Culligan says his Predicktor app is a fun and interactive way to help all of those guys walking around with “little pecker …
A New App Men Won’t Download- Condom Size
There's a new iPhone and Android app out on the market that most men probably won't download. It's called "Condom Size". This app helps you measure yourself down there, to find condoms that fit better. But another feature of the app ,that men won't want to share…
George Harrison’s Guitars Get Their Own iPad App
If you don’t own an iPad, here’s some news that might make you gently weep: A new app gives users the opportunity to explore George Harrison‘s extensive guitar collection, complete with audio clips, video, and 360-degree views of the instruments.
George Harrison Guitar App
So you want to see George Harrison's guitar collection. There's an app for that! Or at least there will be next month. Bandwith Publishing in conjunction with Harrison's estate will release the new iPad app on iTunes February 23rd. The app will provide a virtual tour of Harrion's guitar collection:

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