Airline Pilot Caught With Loaded Gun At Albany Airport
A co-pilot for Southwest Airlines has been arrested after the TSA found a loaded handgun in his carry-on bag.  A transportation Security Administration officer spotted the .380 caliber gun when the pilot's bag went through an X-ray machine.
Dashcam Captures Taiwan Plane Crash [VIDEO]
A TransAsia flight crashed shortly after take off in Taiwan. A dash cam caught footage of the plane hitting a taxi and a bridge before crashing into Keelung River. Rescue crews are working to pull any survivors from the wreckage.
Even In Death Leslie Nielsen Delivers The Punchline
There are only a handful of actors and actresses I can honestly say I really enjoy watching perform. One of those passed away last year. The star of comedy classics "Naked Gun" and "Airplane", Leslie Nielsen always delivered those classic lines with such style and…
Leslies Neilsen Passes Away
One of my all time favorite actors has passed. The shinning star in the Naked Gun movies and the hit Airplane, Leslie Neilsen passed away at his home surrounded by family and friends. His brand of humor even made it to Monday Night Football. Click Read More for the video clip.