AC/DC-Inspired Cyber Attack Denied by Iranian Official
Remember when it was reported that an Iranian nuclear facility had been infected with computer malware that blasted AC/DC‘s ‘Thunderstruck’ at full volume through all of their computers in the middle of the night – otherwise known as the best computer virus ever? We…
AC/DC Wine to Become Available in the U.S.
Last year, AC/DC launched their own brand of wine in their native Australia. The response was so good that, in February, they were able to begin exporting it to the U.K. Now, they look to conquer an even bigger market, with the product soon to hit select stores in America.
AC/DC Exhibit To Open In Seattle
Stick around long enough and someone will put you in a museum. That old saying is true even when you’ve made it your life’s mission to never slow down. On Saturday (April 28), the Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle will host the American premiere of ‘AC/…