Well, last week's prediction was right. Matsing's fate came down to one moment or at least it was edited as such and the blue team once again cried the blues after going 0 for 4 losing every immunity challenge fought so far. Gosh the left side of that cast shot below is getting pretty grey. It's been dark skies for Matsing since the moment this season started and it's not looking to get much better although the two remaining players are the strongest the tribe had both in brains and brawn.

Monty Brinton/CBS



This week's episode began with the rain falling all over the place as the cameras perused the blue camp as they debated amongst themselves about who would be voted out should they be shuffled off to Tribal Council again. Malcolm and Denise had an alliance since day one and it must've been born of the good stuff because they're both still alive. As of yet no one on this team has found the immunity idol and Russel was the only one with the clue and I'm assuming that went with him after he got booted. His confusing hot-headed/oddly religious remarks no doubt played a role in his dismissal and I felt bad for his teammates when he condescended them week after week. Down goes one veteran who played like a newbie.



Kalabaw seemed to split into male vs. female factions where the guys took their new fishing boat out for a spin in two feet of water using it merely as a floating basket for lettuce-head-sized clams they were harvesting and plotting the girls' destruction while the girls sat around on a log with their stick and line fishing setup as they gossiped about the dudes. Carter actually talked this episode but we'll see if he can hang with the older guys week-to-week.



Over at Tandang the drama is starting to get much thicker and Pete is definitely pitting members against each other. I think it's safe to say that the alliance between R.C. and Abi has crumbled beyond repair and Pete is taking advantage of that by planting the hidden immunity idol clue in R.C.'s bag to call her credibility into question with the rest of the tribe. Mike actually escaped the episode sans injury (what?!?) and for most of this season so far has been largely out of the spotlight. Be good to finally to see him spring into some kind of social action soon.


So now the 'Predator' is out (see the resemblance?) and Matsing is down to two whom we may see assimilated into the other two tribes next week, after all what's an immunity challenge where you have to sit four players from each tribe in order to compete?


We'll see, but all's I know is they'd best tear that camp apart to find that immunity idol before they get disbanded and the previews for next week indicated that a Survivor is in danger of getting booted by medical, is it Mike or somebody else? Tune in to find out or just check back here! Here's the Tribal Council results:


This week's Survivor Insider Question:

"Do Survivor cast members get personal hygiene items?"

Answer: "Yes and no. They have access to a container with necessary supplies, such as feminine products, birth control, vital medications, contact lens solution, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Otherwise, they're on their own. Contestants don't get razors, toothbrushes, or other conveniences, so if they have bright white teeth or aren't growing body hair, it may be because of tooth whitening or laser hair removal they had done before they left for the show."