So you want to survive the coming apocalypse but aren't sure where the best place on earth is to survive the end of the world. According to hordes of New Age tourists the tiny French hamlet of Bugarach is the only site on earth that will survive a 2012 apocalypse. The French government is growing concerned over Bugarach's new found popularity in light of the Mayan prophecy claiming the world will end in 2012. Government officials are comparing the tourists to cult members in America:

"I think we need to be careful. We shouldn't get paranoid, but when you see what happened at Waco in the United States, we know this kind of thinking can influence vulnerable people," Miviludes president Georges Fenech told Reuters. - Yahoo!

In 1993 federal agents raided the headquarters of the Branch Davidian movement in Waco, Texas,  leading to a 50-day government siege.

While the French government keeps an eye on the growing population in Bugarach, what is it about this tiny hamlet that has people beliving that this is the only place on earth that will survive the end of the world?

Bugarach has long been considered magical, partly due to what locals claim is an "upside-down mountain" where the top layers of rock are older than the lower ones.

The Internet is awash with myths about the place -- that the mountain is surrounded by a magnetic force, that it is the site of a concealed alien base, or even that it contains an underground access to another world. -Yahoo!

If you want to survive the end of the world you better make your travel arrangements now!