If you are planning on watching The Superbowl and it ends up being a blow out you can make a drinking game out of it and have some fun. Here is what you do.

Touchdown Drinks

Each time your team scores a touchdown, who ever is for the other team has to drink a shot.  A safety is 2 points, that means 2 drinks for the opposing team. 1 shot and 1 beer.

Field Goal Drinks

If attempted and missed or blocked, that team does a shot.

Scoring Drinks

If tied at half time no one drinks. If not tied the team that is behind drinks a shot. In the final score if you lose by a touch down or less its 1 shot. If you lose by a touch down and a field goal, its a beer and a shot. I would suggest using something not to potent, like Cherry Doctor or Apple Pucker. Things like Jameson or Jagermeister could mean an early lights out.

Be sure to play responsibly, have fun but don't drink and drive.