Despite what all of the reports are saying, the economy is still in the crapper and folks are feeling it all over.  People are relying on "Staycations" more than going too far from home, but according to a new survey by Choice Hotels, 90% of families taking trips this summer will DRIVE. 

 A lot of things have changed since we were kids when it comes to road trips, but there are some things that unfortunately, remain the same.  Here are some things that drive us nuts when we are on the road.   

1.  Getting stuck in TRAFFIC.  Especially when you are on a deadline, or your trying to get somewhere that has limited hours.

2.  Rude or dangerous drivers.  Plenty of them out there, but you are not one of them, right?

3.  Car trouble.  Been there, done that.    

4.  The kids arguing in the back seat.  True true.

5.  The kids complaining about how LONG the drive is.

And . . . here are five things families do to pass time in the car: 

1.  59% watch DVDs.

2.  51% play video games. Obviously you could choose more than one thing.

3.  36% listen to music.

4.  32% stop frequently so the kids don't get bored.

5.  And 27% play old-school car games like I Spy.

Now flashback to the 70s.  What did we do in the car when we went on a long trip?

Sing-alongs, bug dad, pinch sisters and brothers, fight, color, read a book until you are carsick, play the alphabet game, sleep, and listen to walkman.