Police in Denham Springs, Louisiana have ordered Sarah Henderson to take down her Christmas lights display. No, it's not an anti-religion thing -- it's an anti-vulgarity thing. It seems Ms. Henderson decided to express her joy of the season by constructing a hand with an extended middle finger made out of Christmas lights. She told the Advocate that she was using the decorations as means of communicating with her neighbors, with whom she has an ongoing dispute, noting, "This is how I expressed myself. It's the only means I have to express myself to these people."Henderson agreed to take down the display after a visit from the cops, who had been summoned by irate neighbors. Police told her she could face fines if she left the display up as the arrangement violates the city's obscenity laws. However,Henderson says she may just replace her display with a swastika made of Christmas lights. Meanwhile, the ACLU of Louisiana says that the police are denyingHenderson her first amendment rights.