After decades of making great music together, it's sad to see the headline: Oates Bites Hall in the Face! Okay -- it's not that Hall and Oates. This is in Norwalk, Ohio where 48-year-old Robert Oates has been charged with assault for allegedly attacking and then biting off a chunk of skin from above the eye of his neighbor, 40-year-old Scott Hall. Police said the incident happened when Hall was in the garage watching football games and his neighbor, Oates, along with his friend Ronald Mantz pulled into his driveway. Oates was apparently angry because Hall would not testify on his behalf in court regarding some type of underage consumption complaint. Hall confronted Oates and Mantz in his driveway and things turned violent. Oates allegedly charged at Hall in "bull rush" manner, taking him down with the help of Mantz. Hall tried fighting back but was bitten by Oates, leaving a chunk of skin missing and blood flowing from the wound. Hall told officers that the two men were intoxicated and then left the scene to head back to Oates' home. After talking to Hall, police said they went next door to the home of Oates where he resisted arrest and had to be tasered to comply.