It may be the worst personal accident of 2012! In Elgag, Poland, 32-year-old Tom Paczkowski was trying to impress his wife by doing the ironing. However, when the phone rang, not thinking he picked up the hot iron and pressed to the side of his face! Tom said, "I decided to do the ironing while she was out at work, just to prove a point. Women are always going on about multi-tasking, so I set up the iron, opened a beer and put boxing on the television. Trouble was, I got so involved in the boxing that I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing. So when the phone rang I picked up the iron by mistake and pressed it to my ear. The pain was incredible." To add insult to injury, when he ran to put cold water on the burn, he ran straight into the bathroom door and got a nasty black eye. Medics say he will make a full recovery from the burns, but Tom says he's done with housework for good