Considering that pet cats outnumber pet dogs by more than 10 million, this might be a savvy business move. The new DoodyCalls "Complete Litter Box Service" means cat owners around the county can now wash their hands of the whole "kitty litter clean up" business, including lugging bags of litter around. The Litter Box Service includes clean and disinfected litter boxes and fresh kitty litter delivered straight to your door. And there's no need to wait for the "technicians" to arrive at a client's home. The used boxes-- which come with a secure lid-- can simply be left outside on the day of service and, presto -- no more cat poop! According to the DoodyCalls website, "clients generally like weekly service," but they will schedule pickups as often as their clients wish. The monthly fee, averaging about $16 per visit, varies based on the type of litter and frequency and number of litter boxes cleaned.