Hats off to Tess Guthrie, an Australian mom who found out just how brave she really is when she awoke to find a six-foot python wrapped around her 2 1/2-year-old daughter's arm. It was actually the family cat's hissing that woke Tess up. At the moment Tess first saw the snake it started constricting, and bit her little daughter Zara twice. Tess said, "The third time it really bit her deep, so I grabbed the snake's head and grabbed Zara and tried to pull them apart. It was really hard, the snake was very strong. I threw the snake away and ran with Zara to my dad's house next door." Tess then bandaged her daughter's arm and cleaned her wounds, following instructions from paramedics over the phone, before she was taken to hospital for a check-up. Animal control later captured the snake in the corner of Tess' bedroom and released it into the wild.