I'm not sure what's weirder -- telling the police that a ghost stole your resume -- or claiming it's worth $5,000! In Winder, Georgia, 40-year-old Debbie Michelle Zamacona did just that -- claimed that an apparition swiped her curriculum vitae -- which she valued at a whopping $5 Grand! The thieving spook also stole a paper documenting her criminal history (including her terminated parole) and a black and blue blouse, according to a police report filed by the Barrow County Sheriff's Department. When deputies asked her if she had any idea who might have taken the missing items, she explained she suspected the thief was one of two ghosts. When asked by the officer what kind of ghost would do such a thing, Zamacona responded that while she didn't want the officer to think she was crazy, that the ghost of her dead mother often visits her. However, Zamacona then said she didn't think her mom's ghost stole her resume, but rather the "black spirits" that follow her from time-to-time.