The Central New York weather played havoc with my Tuesday afternoon routine. On my way home from the station on Tuesdays I stop at Charlie's Pizza and grab two pizzas for the family (two for the price of one is too good to pass up!). However the powerful storms that ripped through Central New York left Charlie's and thousands of Central New Yorkers without power including Charlie's. This could also explain why no one answered the phone at home. I was begining to think they were using caller i.d to avoid me. According to our sister station WIBX:

The destruction from this storm left around 12-thousand people and businesses without power.

Route 233 in Kirkland between 12B and College Hill Road is closed due to numerous downed trees and wires. -

Our power was finally restored around 4pm. By then of course the family had me making burgers, and corn on the cob on the grill. Pizza Tuesday interrupted by mother nature!