Another sure sign summer is here, the Sterling Renaissance Festival opens this weekend. Watch our exclusive interview with the Lord High Mayor, John Founderson and his promiscuous daughter, Winifred preparing for the "40th natal birthday" of the Queen.

The festival takes you back to 1585 when Queen Victoria ruled England and the village of Warick is celebrating her annual visit. The Renaissance styled theme park is laid out over 35 acres with 12 stages, interactive/environmental theater, an arts and crafts fair, a Jousting Tournament, a food festival and tavern, all rolled into one non-stop, day-long, family adventure.

It is a rare treat when our charming Queen graces us with her presence, and make merry we must! For we create an impressive festival that is sure to dazzle any member of the Nobility -- and you are invited to partake in the revelry!

The festival opens this Saturday and Sunday, July 2 and 3 with Family Appreciation Weekend.  Every adult ticket comes with a free child's tickets or get a half priced adult ticket with every adult ticket purchased.  Tickets are $27.95 for adults, 16.95 for kids age 5-11.

Other themed weekends include:

  • Market Place Weekend - July 9th & 10th
  • Ale Fest Weekend - July 16th & 17th
  • Highland Fling Weekend - July 23rd & 24th
  • Pirate Invasion Weekend - July 30th & 31st
  • Fantasy, Fairies & the Future Weekend - August 6th & 7th
  • Grand Finale Weekend - August 13th & 14th

The festival runs Saturdays and Sunday from 10 to 7 through August 14.  Get more details on performances, activities, foods and directions at their website.