This 'overweight glob of grease' is the three-foot creation of a 26-year old LSU sculpture major who was given the idea in an offhanded comment by a pal at their tailgate parties before Tiger games. It is the sole job of this particular R2 unit to grease-up the fans before games but now his fame has extended beyond his Tatooine as it were...


photo: twitter, @whiskeydranks


Bart Gilley was just gonna make a simple paper-mache head to put over the keg but then saw his charcoal grill and realized that upside down it had the same shape as Artoo's chrome dome and everything just took off from there. Following a couple failed incarnations, the one you see here is fully functional and ready to serve you! Normally you'd have to go to Louisiana to be served by this Star Wars icon, but until then at least you can watch it in action below:

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