You've heard of St. Patrick's Day but ever heard of St. Baldrick's? That's right, BALDrick's. It's an organization that helps raise money for childhood cancer research where participants solicit donations by volunteering to shave their heads bald and then buzz buzz, off it goes! My drummer buddy, Brian Spoor of Westernville is one such 'shavee' and we talked some earlier this morning about his efforts to help kids everywhere who find themselves having to face their own mortality at such a young age. Listen in below!


photo: (Brian Spoor) Anthony Grago

Here's Brian sharing about getting his head shaved for cancer research!


There's his hair above, get a good look at it cause it'll all be gone tomorrow at Pulaski High School between 2-5p... But unlike him, cancer sufferers cannot start growing their hair back instantly, so if you can help in any way including becoming a volunteer shavee like Brian, click below to get started! Kinda planted an idea in my head too, or should I say shaved one off!