One great thing about Charlie Sheen is that he's making the rest of us feel pretty good about ourselves. As bad as we might have it and as many mistakes as we may have made in the past, we probably haven't flamed out nearly as bad as this guy. Some sports guys are saying “hey at least I’m not that guy”.

The Charlie Sheen meltdown has been exciting to watch. If I could book a flight and party with him tonight, you bet I would. But some people can’t recover from bad publicity so hopefully Charlie can. Here's a rundown from of some sports stars who have ruined their careers:

  • Mike Tyson- He really has never been the same since he bit the ear off of Evander Holyfield. People frown down on that kind of thing sadly.
  • Dwight Gooden- This pitcher was considered to be the most talented, most dominant arm of his era. Unfortunately, he enjoyed cocaine more than striking guys out.
  • John Daly- People love this golfer because he's flawed. While he has a huge swing and drive a ball like no one we've ever seen, he also has a huge appetite for food and booze.
  • Plaxico Burress- Note to self... Nothing good can happen when you carry a loaded, concealed weapon in your sweat pants at a crowded club -- especially if you're a zillionaire NFL wide receiver.
  • Pete Rose- Major League Baseball's hits leader should be a celebrated superstar. Instead, his gambling trouble keeps him on the fringe of the game -- and outside of the Hall of Fame.

Who else should be added to the list?