WARNING: If you want to keep Thursday night’s premiere a complete surprise then stop reading right now. We have some major spoilers to report on this morning. Who are the 4 returning houseguests on Big Brother 14? We know! WARNING, MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.


One of the major benefits of subscribing to the Live Feeds is you get so much more than just watching on TV. Also, you don’t have to wait. Where’s the fun in that?


I’ll give you one more warning, DO NOT READ AHEAD If you want Thursday night to be a surprise.






The 4 Returning Houseguests Are….



Britney, Dan, Janelle, and Mike 'Boogie'. Thanks to our friends over at The Big Brother Network who were the first on the web to have this story.

Dave’s Prediction

My last prediction is currently shot. I was under the impression that Janelle was not coming back due to her Twitter, I was wrong. It’ll be interesting to see what will pan out on Thursday. These houseguests are back for some sort of prize, and to mentor the new houseguests. They are divided up into some sort of teams, but that hasn’t really been announced yet. Once we know we will keep you in the loop! By the way, if you want to get insider tips before anyone else, you can subscribe to the live feeds here. They are discounted up till tonight.