Technology, we all love it, right?  I almost consider my smartphone to be a part of me now and I think to myself, where would I be without it.  Why do I need this thing?  Five years ago, I didn’t have one, so why do I need it now?Now, explain to your kids about what life was like before smartphones.  That is, if you have younger kids like I do.  My kids, 8 and 10, will never understand what life is like with mom and dad having a mini computer in their possession at all times.

Here are some other things that have changed and younger kids will likely never understand…

1.)  Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.  It’s all non-smoking now.

2.)  Getting a map at the gas station or having an atlas in the car.  What do we need these fore?  Isn’t this why we have the Tom Tom or isn’t there an app on the phone or tablet?  I’m certainly glad we don’t have to re-fold our smartphones.

3.)  Taking a photo and not getting to see how it came out instantly.  Not many of us have 35mm film cameras these days.  Even most professional photographers have given these things up.  When you use film camera, you are a little more selective as to what you are taking a picture of, right?  Because you only have 24 or 36 shots.  With digital cameras, you are pretty much unlimited.  Shoot away and delete the pictures you don’t want, later.

4.)  Dialing star-69.  Who just called and hung up?

5.)  Who remembers waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio?  You kept the record button down along with the pause button so you were ready to record when it came on.  Now, with so many streaming music apps,  you can find the song you want to hear, at any given time.

6.)  How the only way to get song lyrics was to hope the band or artist printed them inside the tape or CD liner notes.  Nowadays you can get any lyric you need online. I can now access all of the lyrics to Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ ‘Come on Eileen’.

7.)  I remember having to memorize the phone numbers of my friends back in the day.  My brain was a memory bank of phone numbers.  I even still remember the phone numbers of a couple of friends.  Now we mostly can’t recall numbers, but we can always look them up in our phones.

What are some other things that have changed and that our kids will never understand?  I would be interested in your suggestions.