The School and Business Alliance puts on career days across the Mohawk Valley in order to help young students to hone in on possible career choices and I was excited to be asked to present my take to the middle school kids at Poland Central on what it's like to host the morning show on Oldiez 96! It's been a good five years since I retired from classroom teaching so it felt good to step in front of a class again...


photo: Keith James / TSM

I had 25 minutes in two workshops to share some of the pros and cons of my profession and tell the story of how I got into radio, and I'm not sure if I inspired any of them to pursue broadcasting, but we had a memorable discussion! I even signed an autograph for one girl named Emma's dad, who listens to the station all of the time. Most of the kids were born around the turn of the century so much of our music transcended their ears, but a few knew what the classics were all about and maybe we'll see one of them behind this microphone (and keyboard) soon!


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