Ever wonder what celebrities do with their cars when they are bored with them? Apparently they put them up for auction on eBay. Snooki from MTV's "Jeresy Shore" put up her 2011 Cadillac Escalade on eBay and just sold it for over $77,000. Not too bad right?

The 2011 Escalade that was up for grabs is 4 door with a unique pink trim. Snooki has even autographed the Escalade. So what's the story behind the car anyways?

It is the actual car that she has driven in many of her television appearances. The vehicle has been completely wrapped and has been customized with many add ons to her taste and specifications, such as custom wheels and ambient lighting. It has been autographed across the hood by Nicole. This is not a vehicle that you can buy everyday, it is an opportunity to own a piece of pop culture history!

I guess she needed a family friendly car.

Who would buy her car anyways?