Most of the time I'm not all that picky about the food I eat, maybe you're the same way. But, things can happen, even small things that can freak you out and cause you to lose your appetite.

Here's a rundown from of some tiny things that can ruin an entire meal:

Seeing a Bug Land on Your Food- A fly touching your burger for two seconds is no big deal, but any bug other than a fly is grounds for freaking out.

An Unwanted Hair- If it's your own hair, who cares? If it's someone else's, you go running for the hills.

A Condiment You Didn't Ask For- My sister flips out if mayo is anywhere near a burger she orders.

A Second Too Late or a Second Too Early- Having something overcooked or undercooked can totally make or break a meal.

What get's you angry with your food?