You ‘ve seen Rocky. You’ve probably listened to the soundtrack countless times. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ is on your ‘workout mix’ right after those Lady Gaga songs you pretend you don’t own. Now, you can relive the magic of Rocky on stage…with choreography.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sly Stallone and boxing heavyweights the Klitschko brothers (names synonymous with Broadway musicals) are set to produce a musical version of the original 1976 film. The plot of the show will revolve more around the love story between Stallone’s underdog pugilist Rocky Balboa and Talia Shire’s shy pet store clerk Adrian Pennino en route to Balboa’s epic championship fight against the brash Apollo Creed (easily Carl Weather’s second best role after playing himself on ‘Arrested Development’).

The goal is to have the musical bow in Hamburg next November and then take the English version on tour sometime after. In case you were wondering which songs will make the cut, reports have confirmed that ‘Gonna Fly Now’ and ‘Eye of the Tiger’ will be adapted.

Personally, we’d have gone with the storyline of Rocky IV as a musical and had Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko alternate as Ivan Drago. Either of those two singing the soon-to-be-penned ballad “I Must Break You” would win every possible Tony Award.