Do you ever have a problem with your beer out on the boat, at a bbq, or any where else where the beer lid got in the way of you enjoying your beer? Chances are you answered No to that. Imagine a world though where you could enjoy your beer with out that pesky lid. That's why Sly Fox Brewing (out of Pottstown, Pennsylvania) will be the first brewery in North America to utilize the innovative 360 Lid beverage can technology, and show you what you've been missing. Let's take a beer break and get ready to live! 

So what is 360 Lid technology? This means that the entire lid of the beer can is removable. Supposedly this "enhances" the drinking experience eliminating the need for glass. Don't you just drink your beer out of the can?

According to our sources at BeerPulse, this makes the beer taste better.

“This technology allows the full flavor and aroma of the beer to hit the drinker’s senses and makes the can an even more appealing package for outdoor activities and situations where you want to be able to move around and sip your beer easily,” said Sly Fox Brewing Company head brewer Brian O’Reilly.

I guess that's kind of cool. Can't knock something until you try it at least.