Remember the company who released a 100% bacon burger? Well they are back in the headlines using doughnuts with their bacon burgers. What more could a man want?

O.C. Register's Fast Food Maven reports that Slater's version is served over its half-bacon, half-beef 50/50 patty with American cheese and a sunny side up egg between two glazed doughnuts. To make a good/bad thing even better/worse, Slater's only offers the thing in the morning on a limited time weekend breakfast menu available through the end of the year, which anyone who actually eats this thing will be lucky to see. The burger, if you're in a gambling mood, is currently available inAnaheimandHuntington Beach.”

It seems to be a new trend with bacon; adding a doughnut to the mix. It’s fine by me because every experience I’ve had has worked out amazingly.




[via grubstreet]