What's going on?

Clinton Arena Is Kraft Hockeyville 2018!
Clinton residents and other CNY homes alike watched their TVs Saturday night in the hopes that Clinton had won the Kraft Hockeyville 2018 competition. They did!
Changing Tables In All Bathrooms
Thanks to the newly passed NY State budget, all new public bathrooms or renovated ones will be required to have diaper changing tables, regardless of gender.
Utica Cinematographer Gives Selfie Advice
If anyone knows how to take pictures and videos, it's Shimon Galiley of Reel Utica Films. Check out his advice on how to use ambient light for a perfect selfie
Tax Deadline Is NOT April 15th For 2018!
Normally tax deadline is April 15th, but for 2018 it falls on a Sunday. With Emancipation Day being the following Monday, tax deadline for 2018 is April 17th!