It looks like we all survived Snowmageden 2012. I know personally I would have survived much better if the apartment complex I live in provided shovels. I had to plow my own way to my car with my legs early this morning and now my legs are wet. It leaves me to our question of the day, should apartment complexes provide shovels? 

I called our main office yesterday in the wake of the storms. I was informed that they don't provide shovels anymore because “people steal them”. Wait a minute, people who live in our apartment complex steal shovels? They steal the one tool that is required to shovel a path out of the building? Where do these shovels go? Do people sell them on the streets? Do they go for a high price? Are these shovels they provided made from gold or silver? Did people see a melt value in the shovels? I didn't think shovel crime was high in New Hartford but maybe I'm wrong.


I informed the main office that my girlfriend fell down on Christmas, and bruised her wrist because the steps weren't shoveled. I was informed that “maintenance cleared all pathways”. I found this hard to believe considering I know my girlfriend, the older gentleman upstairs, and myself were the only ones to shovel or salt. I also found this hard to believe considering our steps were covered in snow and ice, which caused my girlfriend to slip.


This leads me to my question today: Should apartment complexes provide shovels? We pay a high enough rent so I don't think asking for a shovel is asking for much. Is it too much to ask for a $5 shovel to be at our front door? Literally, how much does a cheap shovel sell for? Considering this complex has a number of buildings, would buying 20 plus shovels really set them back? I'm not asking for a shovel for each apartment, just each building. Is that too much?

Whats the situation at your apartment? I know some places don't provide them, but what about where you live?