It's getting closer to back to school, and that means getting our students ready with the right school supplies. Often, the teacher of the new grade will have a recommended list of supplies to bring for that first day of school. I remember always buying 3 x 5 index cards for our kids return to class, which they never used. Here's some help.

If your kids don't already have a list of school supplies from their teacher or school, here are some suggestions by GreatSchools Staff on

"The Basics:

Glue sticks (at least three for the year)

Scissors (blunt ended for younger kids, pointed for older ones)

Ballpoint pens, No. 2 pencils, Colored pencils

A pencil sharpener (hand-held with a top to collect shavings)

A large pink eraser (The old-fashioned ones do the best erasing.)

Water-based markers

A four-ounce bottle of white glue


Spiral-bound or composition notebooks

A three-ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

Pocket folders

Printer paper and ink cartridges (for your home computer)

A ruler with English and metric measurements

Scotch tape

A stapler

A sturdy, supportive backpack"

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