Morgan Freeman must've partied hard the night before but he and Michael Caine still had to do a TV interview to promote their new movie entitled 'Now You See Me'. Morgan didn't count enough sheep beforehand because he literally fell asleep right in the middle of Michael Caine's comments and didn't wake up for what seemed like more than a few minutes! Yes, Morgan even though you don't see us, we can still see you! The producer even cut away to a clip (which was to Tom Cruise's 'Oblivion'.. Oops?) in the hopes that Morgan would wake up, but he didn't! And you know what's even funnier? Michael Caine is 5 years older than Morgan's 75! When he came to later he joked that he was beta testing 'Google eyelids' and was simply updating his Facebook page! Witty, but we've got proof man, haha! Does wittle Morgy Worgy need his nappy poo?