Well, the Federal Reserve is getting bored again... Ben Franklin is on tap again to get a face-lift  The $5 dollar bill has purple on it, your $20 dollar bills have purple, now it's time to update Benjamin Franklin's $100 dollar bill, in GOLD! Look for it on October 8th of this year.



It 's only been a couple years ago since we got our new $100 bills, but now the Feds have decided to retool it again! This bill was actually supposed to go into production back in 2010 but they ran into a big design flaw and had to delay it until now. The bill has only been redesigned three other times in history and this likely won't be the last as long as counterfeiters keep trying to make free money!

The note features a series of amped-up security measures aimed at combating counterfeiters, including a blue, 3-D security ribbon on the front of the bill that moves when the note is tilted back and forth and side to side.

The inkwell and bell on the front of the bill and the number 100 on the right-hand corner also change from copper to green when the note is tilted.

CNN Money