Don't pay your National Grid bill, just pee away all your money instead... literally. Scientists have successfully been able to generate electricity from human urine. Yup, you read that right... your urine can create power.

So how in the world can your urine create electricity? Should you plug your phone charger into the urinal now? How does it work? According to PC Tech Mag here's what they found:

Scientists found that live bacteria breaking down urine creates electricity in the process. As an electrolyte, the natural pH within urine makes it a viable fuel. Researchers speculate that ‘smart toilets’ could make this experiment practical in just a few years."

I wonder if this electric bill would smell a tad bit...At least it's environmentally friendly.

Would You Eat Pepsi Flavored Cheetos?

When it comes to snack foods I usually don't turn down to many choices. However, this gem may be one that has a lot of people thinking "ummmm I'll pass". Introducing Pepsi Flavored Cheetos. Here's more details on the snack, and where to buy them. Pepsi-flavored Cheetos currently can be found on shelves in Japan.