Here we go!!!  Up up up!!!  Then down.  Up up up!!!  Down down.  No I am not talking about your favorite roller coaster at Darien Lake, I'm talking about the gas prices.

Gas is still high even though it is down a bit from a couple of months ago.  For some, maybe no effect.  Vacation is planned, regardless of gas prices and rising prices of other activities.  So the question arises; How can I save some money on vacation, whether it is a planned trip or a day here or there in the local theme parks?  Here are some ideas:


1.  Keep an eye on local attractions' Websites.  Often times you can print coupons for discounts for their parks, or you can often buy "e-tickets" that you print yourself, cheaper on the website than at the park.  Here are a couple to get you started:

2.  Many employers, as an added benefit to their employees, offer discounted tickets, movie passes, and special events.  Couldn't hurt to check with your HR rep to see what is going on.

3.  Are you a member of a travel club like AAA?  These clubs offer plenty of discounts to members.  Check them out at

4.  Although, I admit, lugging a cooler of drinks and food can be a pain in the posterior, this a HUGE money saver.  Have you seen the price of food and drinks at some venues?  $3 for a small coke?  What???  Some places allow you to bring your own.  If they don't, most places allow you to leave the park or venue and return.  Keep the cooler in your vehicle and have a tailgating party right there in the parking lot.

5.  Check out city or town's Chamber of Commerce.  There is usually a calendar of events.

We all want to have fun in the summertime and not have to take out a second mortgage to do it.  If you have an idea you would like to share, I would love to hear about it!  Contact me here or on our facebook page at Have a great Summer!