It’s never ever acceptable to drive and drive. However it’s not rare to know someone who has a DWI. Sometimes mistakes are made, and people suffer the consequences and learn from their mistakes. Most of the time they will never ever let it happen again. But then, people slip up. This woman from Saratoga either slipped up big time when she got her seventh DWI.

43 year old Sally Grace Longton got number seven just on Saturday night. How is this even possible I wonder? Are people seriously that careless and dumb?

You see kids, Sally has two DWI convictions in the last 10 years. That’s a big no,no. Another problem for her is that she’s had six since 1995. A pretty impressive record Sally. We wonder what her drink of choice was? Beer? Apple-tini’s? Perhaps a good bottle of scotch did the trick.”


[via Q103]