I always like to share news from our friends at the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, and they've just released a new beer. The brew is "Saranac High Peaks Clouded Dream".

According to saranac.com:

"The F.X. Matt Brewing Co., brewer of Saranac, is introducing a special, limited edition brew, Saranac Clouded Dream-a hybrid IPA/Belgian White Ale. This “one off” beer was specifically designed as part of the Saranac High Peaks Series, which is the brewery’s exclusive extension of the Saranac line.

The Saranac High Peaks Series is a series of special beers, limited to one single batch. These beers are much bigger, more complex, and targeted to craft beer aficionados.

Saranac Clouded Dream is brewed with wheat and oats for a silky smooth body, and it finishes with a burst of citrusy hop flavor. You’ll notice a nice blend of traditional Belgian brewing spices, including orange peel and coriander. It’s hoppy and it’s big, but it’s very refreshing.

Saranac Clouded Dream pairs well with blue cheese and spicy foods. It has 60 IBUs and 7.3% ABV and will be available in 4 packs and on draught in very limited quantities while supplies last."

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