As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewery during my college days (what a job, I didn't want to leave), I always take a keen interest in what's brewing at my Alma Mater. I just learned that they have introduced a new beer...Saranac Prism White Ale.

Darren Hauck, Getty Images News

Here's a brief description of Saranac Prism White Ale, according to


6 packs, 12 packs, Draught, 12 Beers a Springing

This lighter wheat ale might have a hazy appearance, but one thing's crystal clear: it practically sparkles with bright, citrusy flavor. Enjoy!


White Ale

MALTS: Two-Row Malt, Wheat Malt

HOPS: Cascade, Citra"

In the words of one of my former brewery colleagues, "So many beers, so little time".