As a former tour guide at the F.X. Matt Brewing Company, I'm always interested in what's brewing at the brewery (after all, beer is thicker than water). This weekend, Saranac beers will be featured at a craft beer event at Hunter Mountain.

Here are the details according to

"F.X. Matt Brewing Company's craft beer, Saranac, will be featured among the state's best at the 17th annual TAP New York Beer and Food Festival, April 26 and 27 at Hunter Mountain.

TAP New York is the longest running and largest craft brewing event, featuring more than 250 beers from over 70 breweries across New York State. In addition to tastings, the event will offer competitions, cooking demonstrations, live music and more.

This year, Saranac is serving up a unique pilot brew offering, Saranac TBD Ale.

Saranac invited a special guest, Chris Johnson, to collaboratively brew this unique English Style Brown Ale with their product development manager, Rich Michaels. Chris was the 1st place "Best of Show" winner at the 24th Annual Hudson Valley Homebrewers Competition, which took place last month.

Other selections being served by Saranac include:

Saranac West End IPA-NEW!

Saranac Legacy IPA

Saranac Wild Hop Pils-

Saranac Chocolate Orange-

Saranac Single Malt-

Saranac Shandy-

In addition, F.X. Matt Brewing Company will award the annual F.X. Matt Memorial Cup. This award is a salute to new breweries and presented in honor of F.X. Matt ll, who was a tireless and outspoken champion for the small brewing industry."