Remember these jeans from the '70s and '80s. If you didn't have Jordache Jeans then you weren't cool. Carrie Bradshaw's love for vintage has just crossed into the real world for Sarah Jessica Parker.

Jordache has two new collections: the women's line, sold exclusively at Walmart, and The Jordache Look, a much pricier vintage line available only at the company's new e-commerce site. 50 year old Sarah Jessica Parker will be rockin' the mom jeans.

She is joining the ranks of Heidi Klum and Elizabeth Hurley as spokesmodel.for the Jordache Brand.

According to Liz Berlinger, President of Jordache, explaining why Sarah Jessica Parker as spokesmodel:

"It's simple: everyone loves Sarah Jessica Parker! She is authentic and has staying power. Sarah Jessica Parker is stylish, talented, personable and family-oriented. We love that she is a mother, and as a fashion brand, we appreciate that she is a respected influencer in the industry."