Talk about insulting, or does it make sense? We thought that paying outrageous prices for airline tickets (and just about everything else associated with air travel) was ridiculous, but how would you feel it you were charged for your trip based on your weight?! Yes, you'll be stepping on the scale WITH your baggage if you're flying Samoa airlines and they've been doing this now for some time WITHOUT incident. Must not be many Americans on those flights.


Samoa Air

Depending on where you're flying they'll charge you between $2.20 and $4.16 per pound. So, let's see. I'm 220lbs (at last check... last year, haha) and usually travel with about 50lbs of luggage, so that's 270 pounds of man and bags. That's gonna set me back between $594 and $1,123 no matter HOW far ahead I buy tickets!!

So, chances are you're never going to fly this airline and they mainly fly from Samoa to American Samoa (which is about a 45 minute trip in a tiny turboprop) and I can't imagine paying a cool grand for a short hop like that! But, they could be setting a precedent here as the biggest consideration (no pun intended) to pilots is weight when loading an airplane and in a fuel-conscious environment, our privacy could once again be violated for the sake of business and efficiency. Look out America, if we needed another excuse to keep steer away from fast food, we just got it.