What better place is there to be when life-like monsters poke at you as you down a sugary coated clump of fried dough?  If you desire to dive into the whole world of Halloween, Salem is the place to be, and if you haven't this year, or haven't at all, it would be smart to consider a trip to Salem in the near future.  Here's a taste of what Salem is like during the nighttime.



Salem's Halloween atmosphere is so intense that it would be almost pointless to go when it isn't Halloween.  Witch shops, witch tours, Halloween costumes, haunted happenings and cemeteries capture the Halloween spirit that no other city can possess, and with such a famous history surrounding the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600's, it is easily detectable as to why the traffic is rarely at ease.  The Halloween fun not only takes place in the nighttime, but also during the daytime!



However, this onslaught of traffic, while long and boring, cannot match the experiences of extreme phenomena beheld in Salem.  Street corner by street corner, people are dressed in costumes while catered by the abundance of food and clothing stands. If you are a Halloween lover, plan a trip to Salem next Halloween!

-Nick Vanderwood (Oldiez Intern)