Perhaps being the recipient of the Ronnie James Dio Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Gods Awards last month wasn’t enough, but Rush have had another honor bestowed upon them. The group was in Ottawa on Thursday (May 3) where they were given the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award, Canada’s highest recognition for achievement in the arts.

While in their nation’s capital, they sat in on a question period, a 45-minute segment of every day the Canadian House of Commons is in session where the party in power is questioned by the opposition to account for its actions. It is often used as an opportunity for political opponents to trade insults, but here the banter included tributes to their famous native sons.

Conservative Member of Parliament Tony Clement, known for his love of rock music, responded to a question by saying, “In this place, for the men who hold high places, they must be the ones who start to mould a new reality closer to the heart” while gesturing to the band in the gallery.

Charlie Angus of the New Democratic Party jumped in with, “Mr. Speaker, there they go, another rush to excuses when they get caught.” Clement would later reference ‘New World Man,’ ‘Fly By Night’ and, as if to truly show off his credentials, even ‘La Villa Strangiato.’

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