We've all done it at least once, and if you haven't known that helpless feeling in your gut as your car coughs and rolls to a stop short of your destination, you will. I did it again this morning and could only laugh about it. Again. You'd think I'd learn.


Mario Tama/Getty Images

Last month I hit a deer on my way in to my morning show and luckily made it to work on time and the show went on. Today, I had the wonderful misfortune of conking out with a gas station in sight. I was gently encouraging my car to just go the extra 100 yards so I could fuel up, but alas, it wasn't to be. A big thanks to my buddy Tadpole from our sister station at Big Frog 104 as with his help I made it to work only 16 minutes late! Here was the view from my car and you can see the lights of the gas station just beyond that overpass! Yeah my right headlight is pointing down from where I punched that deer with my car I mentioned earlier. Bleh, me and cars....


Keith James / TSM

So, for those of you like me who like to push limits, just how far can you go AFTER your low fuel light comes on? Well, most car manufacturers actually design the light to come on with an extra gallon or so (another 30-40 miles) to go believe it or not, so when you see the light, it's not THAT urgent. Also, be more careful in the winter months as the MPG's aren't as good as in the warmer weather.

The funny thing is I've actually run out of gas right next to a gas station before and I'm wondering why the gas gods just won't smile on me and give me that extra little bit of fumes so I could just roll right up to the pump! Oh well, time to go get my car that's been sitting by the side of the road. Advice? When the light comes on, don't put it off. Will I follow my own advice, even now? Probably not.


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