The Rolling Stones appearances on the Ed Sullivan show come out today on DVD. The set includes all of the Stones' appearances except the band's final 1969 guest spot. The Stones performed live on the Sullivan Show between 1964 and 1969.

"The best Rolling Stones TV performances are on these shows," Sofa Entertainment founder Andrew Solt told Billboard. -

Solt added that every band performing on the Sullivan show knew they had to be at their very best:

 Groups knew they would appear in front of 35 million people so they rehearsed and made sure they would look good before going on. Knowing they were playing live on TV made them do their best. -

A deluxe set featuring the complete episodes including the Stones' final 1969 appearance will be released November 1st. The DVD set marks the first time the band's 1969 performances have appeared on DVD.