It seems that 2013 may be known as the year “Celebrities Come Clean." As long as celebrities spill their deep, dark secrets, we're all going to learn some shocking facts. Rod Stewart is the next one who wants to come clean. Rod Stewart wants to confess not on doping, or not on his sexual orientation, he wants you to know he cheated on his 1967 driving test. Want to see his fake driving license? Good luck Young Turks! 

How in the world did Stewart pull this scam off? It's pretty simple, he had a great friend, and this friend was sick of driving him around. Back in 1967, a roadie named Pete got tired of driving Rod around so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Rod, 68, said: “Pete had the job of driving me and the similarly car-free Ronnie Wood all over London. Pete was so keen to be shorn of taxi duties that when I told him I hadn’t yet passed the driving test, he volunteered to take it for me. In the days before photocard licences, this was a fairly simple deception to pull off.”Pete set off to the test centre, signed in as Mr Roderick Stewart of Highgate and took my test. And I passed, I’m pleased to say.”

Rod got his U.S. driver's license eight years later legally though. To this day he's never taken a driving test in Great Britain.

I guess it's true, some guys have all the luck! ZINGA!