Gently rocking to Fleetwood Mac? Adults like to so why not babies? What a fan base! Babies are born everyday! Who isn't looking for a great baby gift? The thing is to buy baby something mommy, daddy, grandparents, (OK I'll just say it) everyone likes.

We don't have to put baby to sleep with Barney songs anymore. Unless you want to. Looks like the Rumor is true. According to Stevie Nicks Info Tuesday, Feburary 10, the music of Fleetwood Mac receives a baby-friendly transformation from award-winning lullaby series Rockabye Baby with the release of Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac.


Lullaby Renditions of Fleetwood Mac Track List

  1. Go Your Own Way
  2. Don’t Stop
  3. Everywhere
  4. Say You Love Me
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Little Lies
  7. The Chain
  8. Gold Dust Woman
  9. You Make Loving Fun
  10. Never Going Back Again
  11. Dreams
  12. Gypsy
  13. Landslide



Fleetwood Mac now shares the honor of A Rockabye Baby! series with David Bowie, The Clash, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Beach Boys and more. I would says that's not bad company to be in. Hey its kid friendly check out a version of the band’s classic ‘Don’t Stop’ via the video embed above.