Rumors swirling around Robin Gibb for months about the singer suffering from a serious medical condition have been discovered to be true. The 61-year-old Bee Gees star has been diagnosed with liver cancer. The rumors began circulating that Gibb was suffering from some medical condition when the singer continued to lose weight:

The 61-year-old "Stayin' Alive" singer, who has become noticeably thinner in recent months, has had to cancel several appearances recently due to issues with severe abdominal pain. 

Most recently, Gibb was rushed to the hospital Tuesday, following an emergency call from his home. He was released later that day.

News of Gibb's diagnosis comes on the heels of another hospitalization in October, due to severe abdominal pain. -

Gibb's mother and older brother Bary have flown to Britain from the U.S to be with the ailing singer, who is back home after another hospital visit.