These two guys are apparently some major fans of Trident Gum and Lionel Richie, because they decided to literally sing this Lionel Richie 80's classic hit from sun-down to sun-up for a chance to win $10k in cash and a whole years supply of Trident Layers gum. It's part of a contest called Spontaneous Karaoke put on by the gum giant where contestants have to do a karaoke rendition of this song (although it doesn't have to be a literal interpretation like these guys did) and submit it to their Facebook page within the next month in order to be in the running to win. Rhett & Link obviously took it to a new level with this video and unless someone else comes up with a better idea, they should easily clench the $10,000, and of course the gum too, although after a little short math I doubt they're really in it for the gum.

Just for kicks and giggles I decided to find out how much a full year of Trident gum would cost at $1.49 a pack and assuming you'd go through 1 pack a week... Brings you to a value just one cent shy of $77.50. I might've done it for lifetime Trident gum or something, but since it's just a year I'm going to have to put my literal interpretation of 'Dancing on the Ceiling' on hold :P. Here's the edited version of their 11-hour stunt:

And just in case you're skeptical that they didn't really do it... Here's the full version of their escapade below. Grab some popcorn, it's gonna be a long haul!!

PS- just read the disclaimer at the bottom of their video and here's what it said:

"NOTE: this video is not an entrant into the contest."

Aw man!! It's a publicity stunt! Well, the video still appears to be authentic and at least the contest is real too... Guess you can go ahead and submit your entry now if you wanted to, being that you won't be destroyed by these guys before you even begin and might actually have a hope of winning now!