We’ve had our family Christmas tree up since black Friday. My Dad and I went out and chopped one down, and that Saturday we decorated it. We never really liked the idea of a fake Christmas tree, so we always go real. But the one problem is that all those trees get killed in the process.

This year families are encouraged to “rent” living Christmas trees. Sounds a little weird, but what they are, are live potted trees that can be replanted when the holidays are over. I wish someone told me this earlier, I would have considered it!

Living trees are not only better for the environment; they stay alive through the Christmas season, and after the holiday.

"When you have something alive in the room, it's a whole different atmosphere than when you have something slowly dying or something plastic," said Scott Martin, owner of The Living Christmas Tree Company in Southern California. This year, it’s only located out west, but if the movement grows, maybe next year they will have branches out East.

Get it, branches…. trees…. I’m on a roll today!